When a bounce house just isn’t enough or it is a bit too hot outside… it may be time for the Dual Lane Slip and Slide.

Measuring roughly thirty feet in length, the Dual Lane Slip and Slide is small enough for kids but large enough for adults.

With colors of blues and greys the Dual Lane Slip and Slide is low enough to the ground and open on all four sides that parents have a clear view of what is happening no matter where you are standing. What a great way to combine fun along with a healthy, aerobic activity. And, all of our inflatables are manufactured with fire-resistant vinyl making them safer and more durable.

Unit Dimensions – Dual Lane Slip & Slide

Length: 30′
Width: 9′
Height: 8′

Weight Capacity: no more than 400 pounds
People Capacity: no more than 2 person

Pictures of Dual Lane Slip and Slide

Slip and Slide Rental Front

View from Front

Slip and Slide Rental Rear

View of Rear