When a bounce house just isn’t enough for your liking, we offer the 15′ Tropical Slide. Measuring at a robust 25 feet long by 9 feet wide by 15 feet tall, the 15′ Tidal Wave Slide has a maximum capacity of 400 pounds up to two people.

This inflatable slide comes in vibrant colors of blues, greens, oranges and yellows and works with or without water.

What a great way to combine fun along with a healthy, aerobic activity. And, all of our inflatables are manufactured with fire-resistant vinyl making them safer and more durable.

Unit Dimensions – 15′ Tidal Wave Slide

Length: 25’5″
Width: 15′
Height: 9′

Weight Capacity: no more than 400 pounds
People Capacity: no more than 2 children

Pictures of 15′ Tropical Slide

Tropical Inflatable Slides Above

View from Above

Tropical Inflatable Slides

View of Rear

Tropical Inflatable Slide

View from Front

Tropical Slide Rental

View of Front Right

Tropical Slide Rentals

View from Right Side

Tropical Inflatable Slide Rentals

View from Left Side