Do you remember growing up and playing King of the Mountain? Well, our 2-person joust can allow you and your kids to relive your childhood dreams once more.

Two opposing players battle it out atop the blue and red foam pads like gladiators until only one remains standing. Have a bunch of kids coming to the party? Try having a gladiator tournament until one person is crowned champion.

The inflatable Joust is designed for both children and adults and comes in brilliant colors of red, yellow, and blue and is low enough to the ground that is offers a clear view of what is happening no matter where you are standing. What a great way to combine fun along with a healthy, aerobic activity. And, all of our inflatables are manufactured with fire-resistant vinyl making them safer and more durable.

Space Needed – Joust

Length: 20′
Width: 20′
Height: 10′

Weight Capacity: no more than 400 pounds
People Capacity: no more than 2 people

Pictures of Large Castle

Joust Inflatable from Above

View from Above

Joust Inflatable Interior

View of Interior

Joust Inflatable Rentals

View of Entrance

Joust Inflatable Rental

View of Interior